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BeSpoke Strength & Conditioning Approach:


Our Coach John has successfully completed the certification course with Human Vortex Training. This approach is not a one size fits all “copy and paste” strength training programme that is trying to mimic cycling motions or a quick fix 12-week programme.  It is a constantly evolving approach that is looking to deliver real world gains in our athlete’s performance on and off the bike.  Our goal is to figure out how to help the athlete in front of us to succeed. The aim of strength training for cyclists is not to build big muscles! What we are helping athletes achieve is the necessary Muscular Changes in: Tissue Properties ● Bone Densities ● Prevent Osteoporosis ● Intermuscular coordination ● Intramuscular coordination ● Increased Potentiation ● Increased impulse (firing) synchronization. Muscle Size ≠ Muscle Strength


This is achieved by delivering:

Increased Myelination • Improved sensing of joint position • Increased connective tissue strength • Improved inter and intramuscular coordination • Better Joint Balance • Improved Joint Positioning • Better Breathing Patterns • Recruitment and strengthening of supporting musculature • Decrease stress on joints due to imbalances


There is a focus on:

Better posture on the bike, that looks far beyond traditional core strength and creates stronger more powerful cyclists and aids with recovery.


Understanding the stages of adaptation to Strength Training:

Many athletes make the mistake of only doing strength work during the winter, but unless you are a World Pro Rider you need to ensure you maintain your strength all year round.  This will ensure that any gains made are not lost in terms of how you adapt to training.


The Stages are:

1. Anatomical Adaptation 2. Hypertrophy 3. Max Strength 4. Conversion to Specific Strength 5. Maintenance Many athletes make the mistake of thinking Hypertrophy is bad, but there are two kinds of Hypertrophy, Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar. Bodybuilders typically build big muscles by doing higher reps with a moderate weight, powerlifters use Lower Reps with Heavier weights.  Many cyclists make the mistake of thinking Strength work will make them big or they try to miss out the groundwork by going straight to big weights.


Initial Assessment

There are a number of on and off-bike assessments that can be carried out face to face or by video which will be able to allow us to discover the “focus” areas we need to work on with athletes.  We will also carry out a verbal assessment and talk about long-term goals as well as discussing what experience if any the athlete has in the gym. We will discuss what kind of equipment, time and other factors will affect the athlete’s ability to train. Stand-alone Packages


£40 per month for a single programme with weekly feedback, programme will be revised and updated as the year progresses. Min 3 months


£75 per month for two programmes, with weekly feedback, programme will be revised and updated as the year progresses, during the relevant periods including complimentary core programme.


£100 for 12-week core programme.

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