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BeSpoke Coaching:


Unlocking YOUR hidden performance to help you achieve your cycling goals in a balanced way.


Our Objective:


Everyone remembers their first bike whether it was a Grifter, Chopper, or Racer and that feeling of complete freedom and total enjoyment.  We want to help you get that feeling again by being more economical and in a better posture on the bike, so you don’t spend hours suffering during a ride or event.


We want to help the ageing cyclist achieve their cycling goals and objectives while considering the pressures of day-to-day life and an understanding of the unique requirements of how we need to adapt our training as we move through middle age. We recognise that so many of us have taken up this amazing sport late in life and that many of us who never considered ourselves athletes are now enjoying the fruits of regular training.


We understand that not everyone has the desire or time to understand what they need to do with regards to nutrition, strength-training, and training zones on the bike to achieve their goals and just want to be able to follow a well-thought-out plan that explains what they are getting from each part of the process whilst providing ability and time for feedback and discussion.


Using our experiences and the latest processes and research, we can help you prepare for and complete any kind of cycling event from a charity ride like London to Paris, a sportive like Ride London, Tour de Manc, Mallorca 312 or a multi-day event like Haute Route or Raid event.


What does cycling mean to you?:


In our previous roles we spent a lot of time discussing

and reviewing clients plans and objectives and this is the

cornerstone of our proposition at BeSpoke.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your cycling dream is,

we have the plan that will help you achieve them.



As part of our initial consultation, we will investigate:


•Why you love being on the bike and what it means to you?


•Your sporting history.


•How you fuel your training and events.


•What your goals are in the short, medium, and long-term?


•What’s your cycling pipe dream?


•What’s holding you back from achieving these goals?


•Who is in your support crew?


•Your availability to train whilst maintaining that all-important work/life balance.

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